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Jheri Curl June: R.J.’s Latest Arrival’s “Off the Hook (With Your Love)”

Jheri Curl June: R.J.’s Latest Arrival’s “Off the Hook (With Your Love)”

The first time I encountered a record by R.J.’s Latest Arrival, it was in a bargain bin at 2nd & Charles in Woodbridge, Virginia. The moment I saw their 1986 album Hold On, with its mid-’80s barbershop’s assortment of jheri curls on the back cover, I knew I had to have it (it helped that it cost less than three dollars).

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Wrecka Stow: CD Cellar, Falls Church, VA

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 32nd birthday with a visit to the wrecka stow: CD Cellar in Falls Church, Virginia. Check out what I picked up in the video below, including records by Rod Stewart, Grand Funk Railroad, Spirit, Sheila E, Bootsy Collins, Stevie Wonder, and Kanye West. Video by me and Kia Matthews; music by Yeezus.

Wrecka Stow: 2nd & Charles, Woodbridge, VA

Over the weekend, Kia and I ventured down to Woodbridge, Virginia for an IKEA run, and we ended up coming home with a shitload of vinyl. Here’s a document of the trip, proving that even suburbia has some decent finds. Thanks to 2nd & Charles for not kicking us out, Kia for the help shooting, and the Beastie Boys for the music.

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