This episode, we’re catching up on a few things we didn’t talk about last time, including Callie’s attendance at the Detroit Women’s Convention in October, plus some more recent events, like when she achieved our shared dream of meeting Jon Mikl Thor. We also share some thoughts on activism, Jay-Z, mosh pit etiquette, a smattering of recent films, and our favorite holiday viewing material (spoiler alert: it’s The Year Without a Santa Claus).

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Look, we’re aware that nobody actually watches these, so why not have a little fun with them? In this episode of our apparently years-spanning playthrough of EarthBound for the Super NES, we liberate Saturn Valley and Threed from the clutches of the evil/disgusting Master Belch. More importantly, though, we spend a lot of time waiting behind a waterfall to be let inside his secret base; and, if you know anything about us, you already know that a lot of down time means a lot of time spent riffing on the KISS memoirs and discussing the infamous rumor about Rod Stewart sucking off a roomful of sailors. So basically, if you watch one Dystopian Video Game Party, this is the one to watch!

If you want to watch more than one DVGP, though, here’s the playlist of our efforts so far:

Oh, hey, remember when we said we would watch the 1987 Jon Mikl Thor sorta-vehicle Zombie Nightmare and discuss it in time for Halloween? Well, here it is, just in time for…Thanksgiving. Yeah, we kinda screwed the pooch on that one, but bear with us, because we also have a lot to share about Zach’s 15 minutes of infamy with Team Breezy, the bizarre public meltdown of actor/model/singer/relationship guru/visual artiste Tyrese Gibson, and the forthcoming debut of Dystopian Dance Party in physical form! Also, we talk about our embarrassing physical and mental health ailments.

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If you forgot that we’ve been attempting a recorded playthrough of the SNES classic EarthBound, then you’re forgiven: clearly, since it’s been ten months since the last post, sometimes we forget, too. But when we left off, we had just arrived in the zombie-infested town of Threed, which gives us an irresistible tie-in to the Halloween season. Also, we recorded this six months ago and we’re still talking shit about KISS, so if nothing else, here’s proof that we’re consistent in our stupidity.

Since it’s been so long, here’s the playlist with our previous episodes:

And, just for the record, we’re gonna try really hard not to let ten months go between episodes again: we have another one in the can already, and will do our best to record a few more when we’re in the same place for the holidays. In the meantime, look out for more Dystopian Halloween Party content in the coming week!

Look, people, when we said we were going to talk about whatever we want on the podcast from here on out, we meant what the fuck we said. So this episode, along with the usual discussion about art, old music, and video games, we also swap stories about our past and present butt problems. If you can make it through that, though, we go on to discuss the growing trend of famous sexual predators being aired out, the Halloween-friendly films of Nicolas Cage, and…oh, shit, we also go into way too much detail about that old urban legend with Rod Stewart sucking off a bunch of sailors. Look, this is obviously a ploy for attention, so just give us what we want and listen, okay?

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