Dystopian Dance Mix Vol. 32: The True Meaning of Ishtar

This Sunday, millions of Christians will observe Easter, a religious holiday celebrating the resurrection of Christ and traditionally marking the end of a 40-day period of fasting and penance. But let’s be honest: for most contemporary Westerners, the things we actually associate with the Easter holiday–eggs, bunnies, etc.–have a lot less to do with Christian theology and a lot more to do with pagan notions of fecundity, procreation, and birth. In other words, most of us aren’t celebrating Easter so much as Ishtar, the Mesopotamian goddess associated with love, sex, and fertility. So today, for all the non-churchgoers out there, we’re sharing a playlist of songs exploring the true meaning of Ishtar—or, as noted scholar of ancient spirituality DJ Assault put it, ass and titties. It’s not exactly religious music–at least in the Judeo-Christian sense–but we happen to think these things (and them thangs) are pretty sacred.

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Dystopian Road Mix Vol. 2: Eastern Michigan to Washington, D.C. (Part 1)

It seems like it was less than a month ago when I last hit the road for the thirteen-hour drive from Kansas City, Missouri to Port Huron, Michigan–probably because it was. But here we are in mid-June, and it’s already time for Callie and I to strike out again on the ol’ dusty trail, to pick up my son from his mom’s new home in the Washington, D.C. area and take him to spend a few weeks with his dad’s side of the family. The good news is that the trip from Eastern Michigan to Northern Virginia is an especially musically rich one: beginning, I’m excited to say, with quite possibly my favorite music city in the world, Detroit.

Now for the bad news. Turns out the trip is a little too musically rich for me to wrap up my post in time for our actual departure. As a result, I’m splitting this Road Mix into two parts: the first part, focusing on Detroit and ending in Toledo, Ohio, goes up today. The second part, covering the rest of the trip from Cleveland to D.C., will be finished in time for my second Michigan-to-Virginia road trip next month, when I actually move to the area for good. It’s a little lop-sided, I know, but trust me: Detroit alone has enough musical history to make the first two hours of a nine-hour trip feel like enough material for the first half. And besides, even if I had managed to crank the whole trip out in one post, it would probably be like 10,000 words, and even I don’t want to read all that. So anyway, here it is: Part 1 of my two-part journey from the upper Midwest to the lower East Coast.

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