Podcast: Mr. Heat Blister

This episode, we’re catching up on a few things we didn’t talk about last time, including Callie’s attendance at the Detroit Women’s Convention in October, plus some more recent events, like when she achieved our shared dream of meeting Jon Mikl Thor. We also share some thoughts on activism, Jay-Z, mosh pit etiquette, a smattering of recent films, and our favorite holiday viewing material (spoiler alert: it’s The Year Without a Santa Claus).

You can subscribe to Dystopian Dance Party on iTunesStitcher, or Google Play, and follow us on TwitterFacebookTumblr, Instagram, YouTube, and Mixcloud. We’ll be back at the tail end of the month for our annual, overlong, drunken episode about the best music of the year!

00:00:00   From The Year Without a Santa Claus, 1974

00:01:30   Last Episode

00:01:47   The Women’s Convention

00:17:49   Michaela Angela Davis (Not, Contrary to Popular Belief, Angela Davis)

00:28:20   “The Story of O.J.” by Jay-Z (from 4:44, 2017)

00:29:32   The Baltimore Gallery in Detroit

00:29:39   See Callie’s Art in the Positive Exhibition

00:39:13   “Big Momma Thang” by Lil’ Kim featuring Jay-Z and Lil’ Cease (from Hard Core, 1996)

00:42:10   The Episode with Our 2 Chainz Concert Story

00:43:36   Danny Brown’s Twitch

00:51:06   “(You Can Still) Rock in America” by Night Ranger (from Midnight Madness, 1983)

00:52:46   Slant’s Best Singles and Albums of 2017

00:56:32   I am Thor Documentary

01:00:03   Found Sound in Ferndale

01:00:51   Callie with Our Hero, Jon Mikl Thor

01:02:43   Our Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare Podcast

01:04:56   Thor’s An-THOR-logy

01:06:24   “Ragnarok” by Jon-Mikl Thor (from Recruits – Wild in the Streets, 1986)

01:14:15   “The Snow Miser Song” by Snow Miser (from The Year Without a Santa Claus)

00:16:09   Quite Possibly the Greatest Achievement by Tyrese (or Anyone)


01:17:01   The Blog Post Connecting Our Favorite Art Work to Our Favorite Actor/Model/Singer/Relationship Guru

01:22:19   Remember to Submit to Our Prince Issue by End of January

01:26:27   “The Heat Miser Song” by Heat Miser (from The Year Without a Santa Claus)

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