Dystopian Video Game Party: Let’s Play EarthBound (Part 5)

Look, we’re aware that nobody actually watches these, so why not have a little fun with them? In this episode of our apparently years-spanning playthrough of EarthBound for the Super NES, we liberate Saturn Valley and Threed from the clutches of the evil/disgusting Master Belch. More importantly, though, we spend a lot of time waiting behind a waterfall to be let inside his secret base; and, if you know anything about us, you already know that a lot of down time means a lot of time spent riffing on the KISS memoirs and discussing the infamous rumor about Rod Stewart sucking off a roomful of sailors. So basically, if you watch one Dystopian Video Game Party, this is the one to watch!

If you want to watch more than one DVGP, though, here’s the playlist of our efforts so far:

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