Dystopian Video Game Party: Let’s Play EarthBound (Part 4)

If you forgot that we’ve been attempting a recorded playthrough of the SNES classic EarthBound, then you’re forgiven: clearly, since it’s been ten months since the last post, sometimes we forget, too. But when we left off, we had just arrived in the zombie-infested town of Threed, which gives us an irresistible tie-in to the Halloween season. Also, we recorded this six months ago and we’re still talking shit about KISS, so if nothing else, here’s proof that we’re consistent in our stupidity.

Since it’s been so long, here’s the playlist with our previous episodes:

And, just for the record, we’re gonna try really hard not to let ten months go between episodes again: we have another one in the can already, and will do our best to record a few more when we’re in the same place for the holidays. In the meantime, look out for more Dystopian Halloween Party content in the coming week!

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