Dystopian Video Game Party: Let’s Play Final Fantasy XV (Part 9)

Our crappy, amateurish streaming series gets even crappier and more amateurish this episode when the stream craps out a half hour in. But don’t get too relieved, because I play for an additional 90 minutes after that. This time, me and the host boys beat up a bunch of giant wasps in the woods, go tomb raiding with the sassy Dragoon from last week, and drink a lot of potions. I mean a lot of potions. Highly recommended if you want to hear me swear a lot (and yes, unlike the last stream, you can actually hear me this time).

I’ll be back next Wednesday–whether you want me to be or not–with what I imagine will be a full playthrough of the new-ish “Episode Gladiolus” DLC. If you wanna watch, follow us on YouTube.

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