Dystopian Book Club Podcast: Peter Criss’ Makeup to Breakup

Dystopian Book Club Podcast: Peter Criss’ Makeup to Breakup

Dystopian Book Club Podcast: Peter Criss’ Makeup to Breakup
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Hey, Catfans! We’re now three-quarters of the way through the vanity-project-within-a-vanity-project that is our series of KISS memoir Book Club podcasts; and while it’s obviously too early to say for sure, we have a feeling that this month’s book was the peak. Makeup to Breakup, “written” in 2012 by original KISS drummer Peter Criss, has everything you want in a trashy rock bio: salacious backstage stories, potentially libelous dirt, and a second-act decline that would make Behind the Music green with envy. If you only read one KISS memoir, this is the one. But we’ll still be back in March to close out the tetraptych with a discussion of Paul Stanley’s Face the Music.

00:00:00   “Beth” by KISS (from Destroyer, 1976)

00:01:29   Our First Dystopian Book Club Podcast on Gene SimmonsKiss and Make-Up

00:02:59   “Nothin’ to Lose” by KISS (from KISS, 1974)

00:07:53   “Mainline” by KISS (from Hotter Than Hell, 1974)

00:08:51   Our Second Dystopian Book Club Podcast on Ace Frehley’s No Regrets

00:12:33   “Hooligan” by KISS (from Love Gun, 1977)

00:17:24   “Black Diamond” by KISS (from KISS)

00:23:56   “That’s the Kind of Sugar Papa Likes by Peter Criss (from Peter Criss, 1978)

00:28:27   “Strange Ways” by KISS (from Hotter Than Hell)

00:36:05   “Getaway” by KISS (from Dressed to Kill, 1975)

00:37:10   That One Photo of Ace Frehley’s Black Body Double We Always Talk About

Photo stolen from KISSFaq.com

00:40:17   “Let It Go” by Peter Criss (from Let Me Rock You, 1982)

00:44:02   “Baby Driver” by KISS (from Rock and Roll Over, 1976)

00:48:54   “Mr. Speed” by KISS (from Rock and Roll Over)

00:52:23   Paul Stanley Introduces His “Uzi of Ooze

00:55:18   “Dirty Livin’” by KISS (from Dynasty, 1979)

01:01:06   “Flaming Youth” by KISS (from Destroyer)

01:05:54   “Sweet Pain” by KISS (from Destroyer)

01:10:55   “Tossin’ and Turnin’” by Peter Criss (from Peter Criss)

01:16:05   “Out of Control” by Peter Criss (from Out of Control, 1981)

01:21:27   “100,000 Years” by KISS (from Alive!, 1975)

01:31:25   “Kiss: Their X-Rated Early Days” (Dangerous Minds)

Photo stolen from Dangerous Minds

01:31:41   “Hotter Than Hell” by KISS (from Hotter Than Hell)

01:36:02   Peter Criss and “Peter Criss” Appear on the Phil Donahue Show, 1991

01:39:09   “I Can’t Stop the Rain” by Peter Criss (from Peter Criss)

01:39:54   The Surreal Spectacle of KISS’ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

01:44:09   Sample Post from the Catman’s Incredible Facebook Page

01:44:44 And Another One

01:45:55   “Hard Luck Woman” by KISS (from Rock and Roll Over)

01:46:54   Zach’s Research for This Podcast

This month’s #dystopianbookclub podcast is our most thoroughly researched yet

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