Dystopian Video Game Party Podcast: 25 Years of Super Nintendo

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the North American release of our favorite video game console, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System; so here we are again to share our fuzzy, occasionally embarrassing childhood memories about the games we played when we could have been bettering ourselves or going outside. As usual, check below for notes on music played and things referenced. And play some SNES games, fer Chrissakes! I, for one, think I might fire up EarthBound tonight.

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Imaginary Genres: Auto-Erotica

For our latest installment of the Imaginary Genres video series, we’re taking on an especially rich topic: sexually-charged songs about cars. Please enjoy it, as this may be the last time I take one of these videos seriously and put in actual research (which reminds me, thanks to “Sex and the Automobile: From Rumble Seats to Rockin’ Vans” by David L. Lewis for the historical background).

As usual, we came up with more songs than we had a chance to discuss in the video proper, so check below the jump for extended playlists on both Spotify and TIDAL, featuring additional tracks by Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, Mtume, Mystikal, and Big K.R.I.T. Drive safe!

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Wrecka Stow: 2nd & Charles, Woodbridge, VA

Over the weekend, Kia and I ventured down to Woodbridge, Virginia for an IKEA run, and we ended up coming home with a shitload of vinyl. Here’s a document of the trip, proving that even suburbia has some decent finds. Thanks to 2nd & Charles for not kicking us out, Kia for the help shooting, and the Beastie Boys for the music.

The New Ghostbusters May Be a Flop, But It’s Also the Toxic Geek Culture Parable 2016 Needed

Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter published a story projecting that this summer’s Ghostbusters reboot will fall some $70 million short of profitability, making a continuation of the film franchise unlikely. The report may or may not be accurate; Sony Pictures, for the record, has argued that it left out important revenue streams from merchandising and promotional partnerships. Nevertheless, it was greeted with much schadenfreude from the very vocal contingent of the new film’s detractors.

And that’s a shame; because, as often seems to be the case these days, the people who could learn the most from the 2016 Ghostbusters are the same ones who most stubbornly and vociferously refused to see it. The film, directed by Bridesmaids‘ Paul Feig, is many things: a progressive step in the direction of more diverse casting, yes, but also a fun popcorn movie and a more-than-decent resurrection of a franchise that, as someone born in the summer of 1984, I literally grew up with. But it’s also a parable about toxic geek culture that, frankly, the mid-2010s desperately needed.

(Editor’s Note: I’ll be talking about the film’s plot from here on, so if you’re the kind of person who worries about having a goofy action-comedy “spoiled” for you, then proceed with caution. -Z.H.)

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This Month on Dystopian Dance Party: August 2016

This month’s coming attractions are more eclectic than most: we’ve got a new Imaginary Genres featuring songs that sexualize cars, a Dystopian Dance Mix about photography, a new guide to the Batman comics of Frank Miller, and of course, a podcast celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Super Nintendo. Something for everyone–and by “everyone,” I of course mean only me and Callie. But don’t worry, if none of the above appeals to you, I’m sure we have a few surprises up our sleeves, too.